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This is the perfect time to join the Quantum Success Toolkit for Small and Home Based Business Masterclass



  • RESEACRH to Start, Grow, and Scale your Small Business to Elevate your Productivity & Execution.

  • DEVELOP and Discover Mission Critical Processes to Become a Better Leader and Communicator.

  • PRODUCE and implement Automations to make more Money and spend less Time and Shift from Employee to Employer Mindset!

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Are you a Small or Home Based Business Owner who is ready to cut your work day in half?

You are about to discover the SECRETS to WORK LESS hours, MAKE MORE money, and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

IV20 Houston Consulting, LLC is a Business Development Service (BDS). We offer a wide range of non-financial services used by small business to help them improve the performance of their business, improve work life balance, and increase ability to compete.


We help Women Business Owners get clarity and set measurable goals with their business ideas. We help you to implement and maintain compliant practices for a healthy and thriving business. We want you to start a new business, find a new purpose, and fulfill your heart's desire as a business owner. 


Tamar Bibbs,

Chief Entrepreneur Officer

Tamar has had careers in leadership development, training development, strategic planning, risk and safety, and management. She has helped start-up entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and improve sustainability. She was named 2019 Opulence Award for Educational Trailblazer for expansion of Cannabis Education for Entrepreneurs and Nominated for 2022 Queenpreneur Award. She is the founder of IV20 Houston, LLC. Her focus is educating and supporting women and minority entrepreneurs in small business and service. 

Tamar is a strategic consultant who understands the hurdles, challenges, and opportunities startup entrepreneurs face with no guidance. She helps small business owners develop and maintain a mindset to execute and build their business. She is passionate about empowering women to increase their earning potential, have flexibility, and financial and time freedom - especially through entrepreneurship.

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