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What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Scheduling Conflicts

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Many women still face challenges when it comes to getting ahead in their businesses and careers. Especially as startups, female entrepreneurs tend to take on too much and try to do too much. Then when they add a family into the mix, it becomes even more daunting. Eventually, scheduling conflicts happen more often than they think!

Unfortunately, they end up feeling like they are "spinning plates” while falling behind!

What Is a Scheduling Conflict?

A scheduling conflict is when two or more people or events are scheduled for the same time. This will put you in situations where you have to make a choice between two or more things.

For instance, schedule conflicts can happen when you first set up your business. You may not realize how much time each client will need or how often they'll want to meet with you. Therefore, scheduled times may run into each other.

Or, maybe you're scheduling a meeting for later in the day, but your child is sick and needs to go to the doctor. Maybe clients want to meet in your office and you're still organizing your house for dinner tonight. As a result, scheduling an appointment may seem impossible if you don't even have time to get organized for it.

How Do Scheduling Conflicts Happen?

Most of us have probably had personal experiences with scheduling conflicts. They simply happen because we try to schedule everything at once and postpone something that should be done sooner.

In fact, many women entrepreneurs live with the paradox of wanting to be in control of their time, yet needing to feel uncontrollably busy. However, it is important to prioritize our tasks both in the workplace and at home. If you try to do too much, you will feel like there are not enough hours in the day, and you will create problems for your business and family.

On the other hand, small businesses have the most difficulty when it comes to scheduling because they are either busy or understaffed. The owner tries to keep up with everything that is going on in the business, but that's just plain impossible. Even if you outsource, you still have to be there for customer service. You also want to be there if a client decides to stop by.

The Consequences of Scheduling Conflict

As women, we can hardly imagine how to manage a small business when we are faced with so many demanding schedules in our daily lives. Sometimes, just by juggling the daily demands of work, family, and social life. Some of the consequences of scheduling conflicts that we may face are:

1. We have no real time to think about the future of our businesses. We have to live day by day, and every day, there's always something to do.

2. Women entrepreneurs who find themselves in this situation will probably end up having no life-work balance, and this will eventually lead them to burn out.

3. If we do not resolve these conflicts in a timely manner, then it can lead to customer retention issues and missed opportunities with clients or customers.

How Can Scheduling Conflicts Be Resolved?

Some of the best ways to get around scheduling conflicts are:

1. Using calendars to manage your time and avoid overlapping events

2. Preparing backup plans in case an event overlaps

3. Delegating tasks that can be done by a person other than you

4. Hiring someone to help you with your household chores

Final Thoughts …

Scheduling conflicts can be a major obstacle to the success of small businesses in the United States, especially those owned by women. They are a common occurrence, but they can be easily resolved if dealt with in a timely manner. Don't let them pile up to avoid problems down the road.

Have any questions about scheduling conflicts? Start the discussion in the comments below!

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